Belgian news in brief, 12 October 2005

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Taxman claimed 45.6pc last year

Taxman claimed 45.6pc last year

In 2004, some 45.6 percent of domestic wealth was paid to the government in tax. In 2003, the ration between tax and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 45.4 percent, an OECD study has revealed. Belgian was the third heaviest taxed country among the industrialised world, trailing only Sweden and Denmark, newspaper 'De Tijd' reported. In 2002, 46.2 percent was paid in tax.

Danes take stake in Belgian post

The Belgian and Danish postal companies opted to join forces on Wednesday. The Danish firm will buy almost 50 percent of the Belgian post office's shares, allowing the government to retain majority stake. The deal is valued at EUR 300 million. It is not yet certain if job cuts will be made or post offices will be closed.

Antwerp's door-to-door searches approved

The privacy commission has given the green light to Antwerp's door-to-door searches, Safety Alderman Dirk Grootjans said. The commission had earlier raised concerns about the searches in disadvantaged city districts. The scheme is aimed at identifying housing, employment and immigration problems. Following privacy concerns, Antwerp entered into discussion with the commission and has now been given the green light for its plan.

Third of 18-year-olds cause car crash

About one in three 18-year-old male drivers cause a car accident in the first year after they get their licence, insurance association Assuralia said. On an annual basis, seven out of every 100 motorists has an accident. The ratio among 18-year-olds is 32 out of 100, newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' reported. But just 12 out of 100 25-year-olds cause a car accident each year.

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