Belgian news in brief, 12 July 2005

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Judiciary's IT system full of holes

Judiciary's IT system full of holes

The new IT system of the Belgian judiciary is slow, user unfriendly, unreliable and deficient, an evaluation report has found. The IT project has cost taxpayers EUR 11.5 million. The aim was to reduce courtroom arrears and help track criminals active in various judicial districts. The system was meant to be put in place by the end of 2003. Christian Democrat (CD&V) MP Tony van Parys is now accusing IT firm Unisys of breach of contract. The State Audit Office will be asked to conduct an inquiry.

Looking for a job while on the job

Almost one in every five Belgian workers is caught searching for a new job while at work, a survey by jobsite found. An earlier survey found that six out of every 10 Belgian workers look for another job while at work. The latest research has found that 42 percent of companies have blocked workers from accessing certain job sites.

Shuttle launch visible in Belgium

If the weather is clear on Wednesday, the Nasa space shuttle Discovery will be visible to the naked eye in Belgium shortly after its launch in Florida, star gazer group Mira in Grimbergen said on Tuesday. If the shuttle launches on time, at 9.51pm Belgian time, the space vessel will be visible at 10.10pm in the western sky. It will be visible flying to the east as a moving object of light. The discarded fuel tanks will also be visible.

Warm weather set to stay

The latest period of warm weather in Belgium is expected to remain until the weekend. Temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius are expected on Wednesday and 29 degrees on Thursday. Local thunderstorms might develop on Friday, but temperatures of 26 degrees are forecast. Dry and sunny weather is forecast over the weekend, with average temperatures of 25 degrees.

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