Belgian news in brief, 11 July 2005

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Greenpeace protest in Charleroi

Greenpeace protest in Charleroi

Some 20 Greenpeace activists stage a protest at the Amercoeur power plant in Charleroi on Monday. The activists were protesting against coal-based power plants and "hundreds of thousands of tons" of CO2 they emit into the atmosphere every year. Some of the activists chained themselves to one of the plant's conveyer belts, while others climbed two chimneys and unveiled two banners saying: 'SOS CO2' and 'Pit coal is a disaster for climate'. A Greenpeace balloon also flew over the power plant at about 8am. After agreeing to meet with the protestors, the power plant later request police to remove the activists.
Fewer asylum seekers
The number of asylum seekers fell by 9.3 percent last year to 15,357, federal refugee shelter organisation Fedasil said. However, the length of time asylum seekers stay in Belgium has increased. The length of time can vary from several days to several years. The number of asylum seekers leaving the country declined, leading to a 10 percent increased in the number of refugees using temporary accommodation in Belgium. The majority of asylum seekers (40.7 percent) come from Europe, followed by Africa with 38.3 percent.

Flood warning system promised

Flanders will receive at the end of next year a flood-warning system for the entire region, Flemish Environment Minister Kris Peeters said. The environment administration Aminal will tender the contract out in the near future. The system is expected to cost EUR 6 million.
Vorst prison strike continues

Warders at the Vorst prison voted on Monday morning to continue their strike action. Afternoon shift workers were expected to meet later on Monday to also consider extending the strike. The warders are demanding a new internal telephone system and new employees to cut staff capacity problems. The strike started on 27 June.

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