Belgian news in brief, 10 July 2006

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Brussels Premier in corruption inquiry

Brussels Premier in corruption inquiry

Brussels Premier Charles Picqué has been linked to a corruption investigations around renovation work performed at the site of the former military hospital in Elsene/Ixelles. Due to the possible involvement of the Picqué, the inquiry is beig chaired by a judge from the Brussels Court of Appeal, Yves Van der Steen. Picqué will soon undergo questioning. Another Brussels minister has been linked to the case, but the name is not yet known.

Flemish asbestos clean-up operation

The Flemish government is to launch a large-scale operation to remove asbestos from 400 properties next year. In some 300 cases, the removal of the asbestos is considered urgent. The clean-up operation follows tests carried out by the Flemish refuse firm OVAM. Soil was tested at 1,120 premises.

Complaint over girl's playground death

The father of a 13-year-old girl who died last Thursday in an accident at a playground at Hennuyères had lodged a complaint with the municipality. Stéphane Michiels accused the council of failing to inspect the playground and is demanding measures to be taken to prevent a similar tragedy. Michiels' daughter died when a football goal fell on top of her.

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