Belgian news in brief, 10 August 2005

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Violent robbery of armoured van

Violent robbery of armoured van

Armed robbers started shooting at an armoured money transport vehicle on Wednesday in Glons, but no one was injured in the incident. The robbery took place shortly before 9am at a Dexia bank. Four masked and armed men shot ten times at the Brink's Ziegler van. The guards fled into the bank and the robbers escaped in a BMW car stolen on Sunday night in Grâce-Hollogne.

Last busy holiday traffic weekend

This weekend is expected to be the final busy weekend for motorists during the summer holiday period. Traffic jams are especially expected on Saturday at the traditional junctions on southern-bound routes (outgoing holiday makers) and northern-bound routes (returning holiday makers). Anyone returning to Belgium is expected to encounter the most delays.

No cut in diesel excise tax

The excise tax on diesel was not reduced on Wednesday, despite the fact the price of diesel rose 2.5 euro cents to EUR 1.112 per litre; a record price. Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt had promised earlier to lower excise taxes if the price of diesel rose above EUR 1.1. A spokesman for the prime minister said the excise tax cannot be lowered every time because a royal decree is necessary. The holiday period made this impractical, he said. The first-ever excise tax reduction was witnessed at the start of July, when the price of diesel also rose above EUR 1.1.

Baby injured by runaway horse
A two-month old baby and her great grandmother were injured by a prawn fisher's runaway horse on Thursday. The woman and baby had gone to the Oostduinkerke beach to watch the prawn fishers when the accident occurred. The boy fractured his skull and suffered a cerebral haemorrhage, but is now said to be out of danger. His great grandmother was also injured, as were five others.

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