Belgian football: Anderlecht in 7th heaven

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Weekend football results in Belgium as Anderlecht thrash KV Mechelen and Brugge fall to Dedner at home.

27 October 2008

Anderlecht thrash KV Mechelen
Anderlecht are back in form after last week's 4 - 0 defeat against Zulte Waregem. On Saturday night they thrashed a stunned KV Mechelen 7 - 1. Frutos scored a hat trick. Elsewhere in the first division Roeselare lost yet again placing the position of Roeselare coach Dirk Geeraerd more in jeopardy than ever.

Anderlecht's reputation received a severe dent last week losing 4 - 0 against Zulte Waregem. The Brussels team were seeking revenge for this humiliation and KV Mechelen were their target.

Anderlecht got off to a poor start having to concede an early Mechelen goal from Ivens, but this was to be the only Mechelen goal of the match.

After this Anderlecht rolled goal after goal past the bemused Mechelen goalkeeper. The Czech player Vleck equalised within the minute.

Frutos scored the next two goals. Boussoufa made it 4 - 1. The outcome of the match was settled before half-time.

In the second half Frutos got his hat-trick. Ten minutes before the final whistle Gillet made the Mechelen humiliation complete.

And still it was not enough. Bulykin from Russia took the score to a stunning 7 - 1. It was his third goal of the season. Gillet and Vleck have also made three goals.

Anderlecht are back!

Cercle Brugge 1 Dender 2
A surprise defeat for Cercle Brugge when they failed to win against Dender at home.

This was the big surprise of the weekend. Dender pocket three points, taking the club to 13th place alongside Mons, KV Mechelen and Germinal Beerschot in the rankings.

Cercle had dominated the first half with Buffel making the first goal of the match.

Shortly before half-time Dender managed to equalise thanks to a magnificent shot from 25 metres from Smajic.

The two teams were more equally matched in the second half. A free kick from Fred finally took Dender into a lead that proved to be unassailable.

Westerlo 4 Tubise 1
there was a third win in a row for Westerlo while newcomers Tubise continue to languish at the bottom of the first division.

It was a strong Westerlo that started the match and the rewards were not long in coming. Tomou nearly managed to score but in the ensuing confusion Brouckaert put the ball in his own net.

Next Ruiz scored for Westerlo, but Perbet brought uncertainty back into the match making Tubise's one and only goal.

The Walloon team's fate was sealed after Ruiz and Sotil scored again for Westerlo, with his first touch of the ball in the entire match.

Mons 0 Germinal Beerschot 0
The least said about this match the better. Only at one point during the first half did Mons pose any danger, but Collet hit Proto instead of the net.

We saw a more motivated Germinal Beerschot come out of the tunnel, but both teams’ hopes of creating a winning goal were dashed.

Oris for Mons made two chances, but no goals materialised. Beerschot substituted two players, but even this was not enough to affect the score.

The two teams had to settle for a goalless draw, the same result as last season.

Charleroi 1 Lokeren 1
Lokeren got off to a flying start when Golan took the visitors into an early lead. Charleroi had difficulty staying in the match, but later managed to equalise thanks to a shot from Iajour.

The quality of the play deteriorated during the second half though both teams were still able to create a number of chances.

This was Lokeren's fifth draw of the season.

Roeselare 0 Zulte Waregem 3
The fate of Roeselare coach Dirk Geeraerd once again hangs in the balance after this abysmal display in this local derby.

The home eleven treated their fans to a pretty sloppy display with several passes not reaching their destination.

Roeselare had to concede three goals. Berrier was first to score. Matton made it 2 - 0, while Leye made the humiliation complete.

Geeraerd gets the boot
On Sunday Roeselare announced it was firing its coach Dirk Geeraerd.  The news did not come as much of a surprise.

Roeselare are bottom of the league with only two points.

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