Belgian airport staff bludgeon birds to ensure flight safety

15th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

The Flemish Society for the Protection of Birds has released film footage showing two workers at Zaventem Airport brutally clubbing dozens of wild birds to death.

A Bird Control Unit exists to keep down bird numbers at the airport. 

Birds pose a threat to aircraft safety as they can be sucked in to a plane’s engines, causing mechanical failure. 

However, the practice of clubbing birds to death is illegal under Belgian animal welfare laws.

The airport company that runs Zaventem says that it is shocked by the brutal footage of staff murdering magpies and crows.

Spokesman Jan Van der Cruysse told journalists that “keeping down the number of birds is essential for aviation safety and we have international obligations to do so. Scaring off and killing birds is unfortunate, but necessary.”

“We have seen the video footage and we are also shocked.”

“We have invited the Society for the Protection of Birds for talks to see how we can tackle this issue in a more humane fashion.” Mr Van der Cruysse added.

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