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7 November 2007, BRUSSELS - BHV stands for the constituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.

7 November 2007

BRUSSELS - BHV stands for the constituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.

Since recently elections for the Chamber of Representatives are held in provincial multi-member constituencies. The provincial constituencies were formed when smaller constituencies were merged, but lawmakers failed to touch the constituency encompassing the cities of Brussels, Halle and Vilvoorde because no agreement could be reached.

The constituency has great symbolic value both for Flemings and Francophones. It includes the bilingual Brussels Region, but also a string of Flemish municipalities around the towns of Halle and Vilvoorde.

All Flemish parties are agreed that the constituency should be split.

They object to the fact that Francophone politicians in Brussels can pick up votes from people living deep in Flanders.

Francophone parties are eager to maintain a tie between the capital and the Francophone Diaspora in Flanders.

End of Belgium?
Over the years the BHV issue has gained so much symbolic value that neither side can be seen to give in.

Both Francophones and Flemings have now dug themselves in.

Unfortunately, at the moment there does not seem to be any going back.

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