Association calls for no more drunken clowns at children's parties

6th August 2009, Comments 1 comment

A number of clowns have joined forces to form the Belgian Magical Entertaining Clowns Association. The association has drawn up a list of criteria for a quality label for clowns. A jury has already been selected who will decide whether or not a clown comes up to scratch.

Two of the clowns behind the scheme, Ronaldo and Pepe de Pipo, told Het Laatste Nieuws that 80% of people that call themselves clowns do not meet the quality criteria. 

“They are charlatans that started their career at family party, half-cut.” 

Clowns wishing to be considered for the quality label will be required to uphold a number of basic rules. They should not smoke in the presence of children, should not drink alcohol, swear or hurt anyone with their jokes. 

The association will be officially launched next month and prospective members will be able to take part in a selection process soon. If successful, the clowns will not only be allowed to join the association, but will also be issued with a quality label. 

It is hoped that the initiative will help rid Belgium of fake clowns.

This is long overdue as “a child never forgets a drunk or vomiting clown at a birthday party”.

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  • Vox posted:

    on 23rd August 2009, 17:09:39 - Reply

    If no more drunken clowns are going to be allowed then someone please contact George W. Bush and tell him services will no longer be needed.