Animal testing up 3% in Belgium

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About 800,000 animals were used for biomedical research in Belgium in 2007.

26 August 2008

BELGIUM -- In 2007, about 800,000 animals were used for biomedical research, a three percent increase over the previous year.

According to the Federal Department of Public Health, a total of 779,860 laboratory animals were used in 2007 and is 23,145 more than in 2006.

Almost two thirds of the laboratory animals are used in the development and quality control of medicine and medical machinery.

Animal testing in the cosmetics sector is forbidden in Belgium.

Less testing on primates
In 2007, most of the experiments were conducted on rodents and rabbits (91.97 percent). Next are fish, reptiles, and amphibians (5.72 percent). Dogs, cats and monkeys are used respectively in 0.096 percent, 0.006 percent and 0.005 percent of animal tests.

There has been a drastic drop in the number of tests conducted on primates over the years. In recent years, there no experiment has been conducted on large primates in Belgium. A royal decree will also be introduced to formally ban all testing on large primates.

The number of birds used in laboratory testing in 2007 also decreased by almost 20 percent.

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