Adoption: no change in sex of child

28th January 2008, Comments 0 comments

The choice of sex will now be eliminated since so many candidates prefer to adopt girls

Up until now, candidate adoption parents could state at the beginning of the adoption procedure whether they would rather have a boy or girl, which country they would like to adopt from, and what age they prefer.

The choice of sex will now be eliminated. The reason for this is that so many candidates prefer to adopt girls, especially when adopting a foreign child. The result is that boys often stay in the orphanages longer.

 According to the Flemish government agency Kind en Gezin ('Child and Family', which also supervises adoption), most people think that girls are easier to raise. They also believe that boys of foreign origin are more often the brunt of racism than girls of foreign origin.

"The choice of sex had to be eliminated," says Leen Du Bois of Kind en Gezin. "When a child comes up for adoption, it is difficult to reject the child just because it is not the sex that was requested, right?"

In Flanders 162 children were adopted from abroad in 2006, especially from Ethiopia and China. 22 Belgian children were also adopted.

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