A mixed bag

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Readers are writing in on all sorts of issues including Flemish politics, noisy airports and of course the love-hate relationship between Europe and the US.

Re: Unhappy landings?

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your article on landing paths to Zaventem.

It's hard to avoid "Nimbyism" on such a controversial subject, but I'll try.

I bought a house in Waterloo 25 years ago after a study of the "projected ground plan" for my area. This brought dividends for although the nearby chaussée Bara was then the main east-west thru-way and mighty Colruyt trucks roared their gear changes up the hill, the new southern extension of the Brussels ring had been drawn and, indeed, a few years later, all was quiet!

Moreover, days hovering around our intended home produced no aircraft noise - then, that is!

The trouble is many evenings these days, as we eat our supper on our terrace, grandchildren sound asleep, one plane after the other screams over our house, surprisingly low seeing the distance to Zaventem.

I took great care in choosing this site so I side with those who say, if you buy a place in Kraainem or Erps-Kwerps you know what to expect - noise - and no doubt the price is accordingly discounted.

On the other hand, as we came back on a charter flight at 3am recently, my kindly wife murmured "I wonder how many people we're waking up down there".

It sure is a bitch of a problem so I guess we should share aircraft landing noise as most of us are creating the problem.

Mel Andrews


Re: Modern Love - can you believe it?

Dear Editor,

I just loved the article you wrote recently about falling in love. How does one get an e-pal? Goodness knows that every time I go online and chat I always seem to get a gang of weirdos asking the same ol question....so what bra size do your wear!

Chivalry truly is dead!

So what else did you find out about love? What is the difference between love today and love in Romeo and Juliet's time?

Has it really changed much? How do we know when we are in love?

Angel (in love but not sure)


Re: Letters to the Editor – Europe and America

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the letter written by Tazz Tassone.

His comments regarding the European press were right on the target.

The television and newspapers here are always slanted with half-truths or lies.

A journalist that wrote an article in one of the Belgian newspapers even admitted that he slanted the truth when my husband (Flemish) wrote and disputed it.

All of this feeds into the current anti-American, anti-Bush hysteria currently going on in Europe.

It doesn't help our image any to have someone like that idiot, Michael Moore running around either.

People should know that even the New York Times immediately came out with the statement that his documentary had lies in it.

There are too many people who choose to join the anti-America crowd instead of doing their research and learning the truth.

That truth will not be found in the European press.

Mary Laheye


Dear Editor

I can't believe the hypocrisy and unintelligent ramblings in some of your anti-US articles.

You throw out opinions and "facts" with absolutely no proof.

Your arguments are akin to a teenager's uninformed opinions.

Get some professionals on your staff that know the US and are factual in their essays. Good Grief!!!!!

Vince K.


Re: Protests hit ghent festival

Dear Editor,

Your comments on Belgian politics are not always that accurate nor detached!

Just for your information, in the article Protests hit Ghent festival you say that the "Vlaams Blok" is the second largest Flemish Party.

Please correct that the "Vlaams Blok" is the largest BELGIAN party!

All the other parties being part of cartels or mergers.

Dr Jan van Malderen


August 2004

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