375% rise in internet infractions in Belgium

28th September 2009, Comments 0 comments

One in five people risk falling victim to an internet fraudster, a risk even higher than being burgled at home.

Cyber-criminality has risen by 375%, according to Symantec, an American company specialised in internet security.
The likelihood of being victim of a burglary or being involved in a car-crash is much lower than being attacked on the internet, with risks of 1 in 31 cases and 1 in 3,000 cases respectively. 

In Belgium, more than 13,000 infraction complaints were received by the eCops watchdog in 2008, which was 17% more than 2007 and 375% more than in the last six years.

Symantec observed 1.65 million viruses on the internet in 2008, a figure likely to have risen notably in their next observation.

La Dernière Heure/Expatica

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