1.84 million euros unclaimed due to lottery printing error

26th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

A printing error on the Belgian National Lottery’s Bingo scatch cards has left tens of thousands of cash prize winners believing that they have won nothing.

The Bingo scratch card offers players four chances to win a small prize of three euros.

Vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines should cross a central grid, rather like in a game of noughts of crosses.

However, the printing error has meant that the winning line appears elsewhere on the scratch cards.

Tens of thousands of people threw their Bingo scratch cards away thinking that they’d won nothing.

As result 1,840,500 euros in prize money has gone unclaimed.

"Only 120,000 of winnings unclaimed"

In a statement insured on Wednesday afternoon, the Belgian National Lottery said that no more than 120,000 euros in winnings had not been claimed as a result of the printing error.

A spokesman added that the Lottery had decided to recall all the Bingo scratch cards that had not yet been sold.

He added that of the 120 million scratch cards sold by the lottery each year just 180,000 or 0.15% contain printing errors.


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