18 arrests in immigrant smuggler raids

20th October 2008, Comments 1 comment

After a series of police raids on Saturday on a people-smuggling ring in Belgium, the authorities say that 18 people have been arrested.

Police raided 19 locations in and around Brussels early Saturday morning.
200 illegal immigrants were found, most of them young men from India. In one raid in Vilvoorde (a town to the north of Brussels) police rounded up some 50 Indian nationals who were in a Sikh temple.

Saturday's roundup was the result of an investigation lasting almost a year. A people-smuggling ring is thought to have been operating in Belgium for the past year and a half. Hundreds of illegal immigrants from India and Pakistan have allegedly been smuggled through Belgium into the UK. The traffickers allegedly made hundreds of thousands of euros on the operation.

Britain is a top destination for immigrants of Indian and Pakistani origin, because because there is already a large community in the UK, allowing the new immigrants to blend in quite easily. According to Reuter’s press agency, British immigration minister Phil Woolas has vowed to crack-down in the face of rising unemployment in Britain.

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  • Sharzil rashid posted:

    on 22nd October 2008, 12:58:07 - Reply

    You are too late.i have been invetsigating almost three years.I have suffered a lot.Still they are active.They have been threatening me more than two years.You have arrested them whene every thing is lost.Give me police I.D. card and look what i do.I investigated because they threatened to kill.i have lost four teeth,damaged eye,neorological problames still under medical treatment.My eye's always on them.they all are now underground,changed the city and rout.And I am witing for next attack.