120,000 attend Belgian National Day parade

22nd July 2009, Comments 1 comment

It isn't National Day without a few raindrops.

Around 120 000 people gathered to watch the military and civil parade outside the Royal Palace in Brussels. Despite a few raindrops at around 4pm, the festivities were spared the usual National Day deluge, “la drache nationale”. 

Earlier, the National Day festivities had begun with the traditional Te Deum mass at the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule, followed by a long walkabout by the royal family, despite the reinforced security measures.

The festivities ended at 11pm with a spectacular display of fireworks.

source: Le Soir

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  • M posted:

    on 22nd July 2009, 16:57:26 - Reply

    I was there, and it was very disappointing. The crwod was locked down for nearly 3 hours inside the Park, and again on the sidewalks along the parade route. No one could get in or out of these areas. The people were forced to remain standing, as there was virtually no room to even sit down. Where I was standing along the walkway, 6 people required medical assistance because of feinting. We couldn't see anything but a glimpse until the 'marchers' were right on top of us. There was no music or bands, just piped in marches from loudpeakers surrounding the Park. People were truly beginning to suffer within the crowds, but the Belgians were very stoic and polite as possible, considering we were literally a CAPTIVE audience. The organisers did not even play the Belgian National Anthem! This parade event was a total disgrace and an insult to Belgians as well as NATO/OTAN. It was eeriely like Big Brother. If you did not attend the Parade, you were very lucky! The street cleaning vehicles that followed behind the horses (cavalry) got more applause than the Royal Family!