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Family / Interior Design

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Flowerbox Gallery Brussels

Address: Chausée de Waterloo 563, 1050 Brussels
Tel: 026081962

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Halo Horeca

Address: Reigerstraat 7 , 2110 Antwerpen
Tel: 32-38080997

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pure joy interior design

Address: 61A rue van schoor, _=^.^=_
Tel: +32 477 48 64 58

Imagine a place that looks like you. A living place that is like your mirror - unique, just like you.

Pure Joy advises clients on everything from redesigning a living room or bathroom down to an in-depth complete refurbishment. Pure Joy takes an intimate interest in the whole housing project, balancing creativity and audacity with full respect for your desires and budget.

Pure Joy starts all design projects with an in-depth analysis of your tastes, needs and lifestyle. Based on your preferences, Pure Joy sets up a unique design concept for you, reflecting your lifestyle and aspi...

yv@pure-joy.be | View website | View on map


Address: Grand Route 11, 1435 Wavre
Tel: 010 65 60 00
Fax: 010 65 57 40

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